Monday, August 02, 2010

"Tea Party movement funding"

Interesting and useful reference page on Sourcewatch, describing the bankrolling of the teabaggers, as well as other forms of support.

If you're at all aware of the Astroturfing and opportunism running rampant in this arena, the general ideas will not surprise you, but it is nice to have the documentation and the links in one place. And also, since Sourcewatch is a wiki (like Wikipedia, I mean), you can jump in and help out.

Thanks for the link to Roy Edroso, whose coverage of the threatened coming revolution is a must-read. I'm still laughing over this part …

… a wave of conservative interest in the Constitution -- often expressed in drives to repeal its Amendments …"

… and this:

If you can accept the idea that people like Sarah Palin and Jonah Goldberg are the modern equivalent of Sam Adams and Patrick Henry, you may also accept Christian's and Robbins' argument that, even if Congress goes Republican, a "wounded rampaging" Obama may, by "executive orders, regulations and Obama-made fiats," thwart the will of the People, and even steal the 2012 Presidential election. The authors cleverly avoided prescribing a remedy for this anticipated tyranny, but it clearly involves muskets, fifes and drums.

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