Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Confronting an Economic Crisis"

This one's a keeper. Hard to believe a 38 minute speech with detailed economic proposals could be so inspiring, but there it is. I particularly like the repeated sharp distinctions he draws between himself and McSame.

Barack Obama, speaking in Golden, CO, 16 September 2008. This is who we want in charge:

(alt. video link)

Transcript here.

Hat tip to John Cole, whose reaction is well worth reading in full. Key line:

... Obama describes exactly why a ton of people like me are going to vote for a Democrat for President for the first time …

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John Evo said...

Cool. I'm behind on many things, but this is something I'll definitely watch. Thanks.

John Evo said...

OK, that was awesome. I just stole it and pasted it up on my blog. We need everyone watching it (and, as you know, everyone who doesn't read BJKeefe reads Evolutionary Middleman, so that covers it)!

Brendan said...

LOL! Yes, I'm sure we have audiences whose tastes are highly non-intersecting, and whose numbers are nonetheless legion.

Glad you liked the speech. Thanks for watching, and thanks for grabbing and reposting. The more people can see this, the more they'll think, "Now, could I ever imagine John McCain being able to lay out a plan like this?"

Watched a clip of him on Morning Joe yesterday. Dreadful. Rather than saying anything tangible about what he planned to do, he kept repeating the same empty slogans. The worst was when he insisted, "I am an expert in this. I know a lot about economic matters. I served on the Commerce Committee."

Which, as I'm sure you heard, was also trotted by one of his minions out as evidence that John McCain invented the Blackberry.

John Evo said...

I heard about that and The Young Turks pretty well dissected his Morning Joe appearance.

Brendan said...

Yes. Here it is, if anyone else wants to watch.