Friday, September 26, 2008

Streaming Tonight's Debate

For those without TV, here is some information about watching tonight's debate online as a live streeam. The debate is scheduled to start at 9pm. It will feature Barack Obama and … well, whoever shows up for the other side. It'll be McCain, as far as I know at the moment.

It looks like is planning to stream it live. In preparation, I just tried to stream something else from them right now, and found out that I had to download a plugin from that site. I did so -- it seemed to download and install without a problem, and was able to watch the a live stream after restarting my browser and going back to that site.

C-SPAN's schedule indicates that they'll be streaming the debate, too. They appear to have pages specific to Windows Media Player and Real Player. The WMP page doesn't work for me, because the plugin required (and offered for download) on that page is version 11 of WMP, which doesn't support Windows 2000. However, the Real page seems to work fine.

Note: clicking either of those links will cause the stream to start playing right away, assuming you already have the right plugins installed. This may be disconcerting. Note also that either of those pages have links to the other plugin-specific page, as well as links to pages streaming C-SPAN2, C-SPAN3, and C-SPAN Radio. Handy for future reference.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to add questions, comments, other tips, in the Comments or by sending me a email.

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