Monday, September 22, 2008

It Gets Creepier

A commentary in the Anchorage Daily News adds a wrinkle to Troopergate, arguing that the real reason Palin fired the Commissioner of Public Safety was to be able to hire a replacement who would improve her cred with the "elite fundamentalists."

It reads as a bit conspiracy-theoryish, but it sure sounds plausible, now that Palin's (latest?) explanation for the firing is falling apart. Especially in light of stories like this. And this.

(h/t: Andrew Sullivan, twice)


Sornie said...

I am getting sick of her being on the news but have yet to hear any actual positions from the McCain-Palin camp. However, their dominance of the news is leaving Obama-Biden out in the cold.

bjkeefe said...

I take your point, Sornie. On the other hand, most of the news about McCain and Palin has been bad.

I'm interested to hear you say that Obama and Biden are not getting covered, though. I agree about Biden, sadly, but I see a lot of coverage of Obama. Where are you seeing the absence? On TV news?