Thursday, September 18, 2008

No Fun League

Despite the Pantload's fretting, there is little to fear from those who like organic foods, health care for all, and low emissions vehicles. No, if the fascist takeover of America happens, I'm convinced it'll be led by those who run organized football.

It's beyond a cliché to expand NFL as I did in the title. I no longer watch pro football for a variety of reasons. The banning of things like joyous celebrations of touchdowns is certainly among them.

This, though, provokes a fresh round of head-shaking:

… the nation’s high school football rule-making body has cracked down.


Last year, … the federation made the enforcement of Rule 1-5-3k one of its points of emphasis for officials around the country.

The high school federation has talked to the N.C.A.A. about the issue — “It doesn’t help our cause on Saturdays when you see them all over television, and then even more so on Sunday,” [federation assistant director Bob] Colgate said …

Whoa. Sounds alarming. What are we talking about here?

The horror of wristbands not worn on the wrists


Wristbands worn above the elbow.


(pic. source)

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