Saturday, July 10, 2010

10th Amendment Freezeout


"You like the 10th Amendment? I’ll give you the 10th Amendment!"

Some good news on the same-sex marriage front.

Today, let us observe some of what can only be called huminah-huminah-huminahing on the Ralph Kramden scale, from the fringe right core of the Republican Party; e.g., this from Teabagger-in-Charge Shelby Blakely, …

… executive director of The New Patriot Journal, the group’s online publication. “The Constitution does not allow federal regulation of gay marriage just as it doesn’t allow for federal regulation of health care.”

“But I don’t want to come off saying I support gay marriage,” she added.

Ah, meet the new base, so different from the old base.


Others, like Steve V. Moon, a software programmer and founder of, a group founded in Utah in 2008, said the judge’s decision was both right and wrong.

“It’s unconstitutional for the federal government to pass laws superseding state authority — and the judge did affirm states’ rights in this area,” he said. “But I personally believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and woman and support any state passing laws affirming the sanctity of marriage.”

Let me join Mr. Moonie in celebrating how fortunate we are not to live in a theocracy, like Muslins.


Geezer disclosure: I see the kids today with their Urban Dictionaries and all don't so much think of The Honeymooners anymore. This is of course a victory for the terrorists.



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