Sunday, July 11, 2010

Carmelo Anthony, LaLa Vazquez Wed in NYC

BallerStatus reports:

Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony married his longtime girlfriend LaLa Vazquez in New York City on Saturday (July 10), before over 300 guests.

Nice to see she landed on her feet after getting dumped by Jesus Shuttlesworth.

Oh no, wait. That was LaLa Bonilla. (?)

The ceremony took place at the ritzy Cipriani 42nd St, where the likes of Lebron James, Kim Kardashian, Justin Timberlake, Ludacris, tennis star Serena Williams, his teammate Kenyon Martin, and several other [several other what? --bjk] attended.

The couple's 3-year-old son Kiyan served as ring bearer, while Dr. Michael Eric Dyson performed the ceremony, reports People.

From the latter:

Also among the 300 invited guests were Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, Spike Lee, Ludacris and Kelly Rowland.

Back to the first: stand by to get queasy! Or! To set your DVRs! (I don't judge.)

Apparently, the wedding was filmed for an upcoming VH1 reality show.

And, finally ...

The couple have been engaged since Christmas Day 2004.

... would you spin that as a measure of their commitment, or lack thereof? Or maybe, why couldn't Mello seal the deal?


More from Us Weekly and E!, also too, whose headline reminds me of that old joke* about the Boston Globe.

Kim Kardashian on Hand for BFF Lala Vazquez's Wedding

Lala Vazquez and Kim Kardashian

Yeah, I got no idea why I'm reposting from gossip rags, either. Must be the lack of coffee. No really good pictures of the happy couple, sadly.

(h/t: Gail Collins, who puts all the names in boldface in her latest column, "The LeBron Angle to Everything." | x-posted)


[Added] The NYT's Off the Dribble blog continues wedding coverage with L'Angle du Jour ("James in New York for Anthony’s Wedding"). And never mind the Globe's provincialism, how about this headline from the NY Daily News, with an extra dose of petulance?

LeBron James shows up in NYC for Carmelo Anthony's wedding after spurning Knicks

Sheesh. They got nothing on Dan Gilbert, that's for sure.

* Back in the day, the Globe had such a reputation for provincialism that it was said if an atomic bomb went off in the nation's capital, the Globe's headline the next day would be: Hub Man Killed In DC Blast.

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