Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Further News of Teabaggers Not At All Being Racist

Welp, we didn't think it would take very long for the YORE THE REEL RASIST!!!1! huffing to begin all over Greater Wingnuttia in reaction to news of the NAACP's planned resolution.

Let's start with the news from Buffalo:

So to bring us around to my point today, Allen Coniglio, a self-appointed “leader” of the Ostrowski wing of the local tea party, sent this around to his small group:

If you do nothing else in your life, you must see this. It may be the funniest thing you ever see. Hurry. They have taken this down half a dozen times but thankfully, someone keeps putting it back up. [link removed]

I won’t embed the video, because it depicts Farina as Obama, makes jokes about Joe Lieberman and the Holocaust, and likens Nancy Pelosi to a whore (she is a powerful woman, after all).

Farina being the black kid from The Little Rascals. Before Buckwheat. So, like seventy years ago. You can imagine the portrayal, if you've never seen that show yourself. Or, you can guess from this screen grab:

Screen shot from a racist teabagger video depicting Obama as Farina

(h/t: Hunger Tallest Palin and John Cole | x-posted)

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