Thursday, July 08, 2010

Hard to believe this phrase can still be worked for good comedic effect, but ...

... props to the NYT's headline writer for this:

This Is the Way Durant Signs: Not With a Bang but on Twitter

On a related note: you know what's far more annoying than anything LeBron does? People complaining, on the Twitter, about what LeBron does.

Oh, well. Only eighteen or so hours to go.

In other news of free agent drama, congrats to the Heat for keeping Dwyane Wade and getting Chris Bosh (sorry, ERE!), and I think Carlos Boozer going to the Bulls will be really interesting to watch. Put him with Joakim Noah, and you might have Twin Towers Junior. And if the Knicks can somehow keep David Lee after signing Amar'e Stoudemire, you could maybe see a little TTJ there, too. (Assuming they don't get LeBron, I mean. Who will stay with Cleveland, is my prediction. (Because I knew you were dying to know.))

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