Saturday, July 03, 2010

Hurrah for our Freedoms!

Cord JeffersonIn honor of Independence Day and The Unveiling of the Plaques (And Not The Dental Problem Kind Either), Wonkette has published a guest post from "Cord Jefferson," titled "Thanks For Building the Capitol, Slaves!" (Left unreported: whether Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) cried.)

Being that he is a professional writer and all, do you think Wonkette paid him for this work?

Ha ha! You thought that was a racial joke, which, as every RealConservative™ and card-carrying member of the Republican Party will tell you, makes YOU the real racist!

No, it was actually a joke about how no one gets paid to do journalism anymore, in America. (Except for The Big Five.) (And Megan McArdle. (Thanks to Lóðurr?))

In conclusion, it is a good post. Go read it.


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