Thursday, July 01, 2010

Moar Crazy in the Party Platform, Plz!

In light of the charming notions recently expressed by the Republican Party's branches in Texas and Montana, let's have a look at Idaho.

Hmmm. Pretty much against Teh Gheys getting married. But what's this? Language reserving the institution exclusively for …

... a "naturally born" man and woman, going the extra mile beyond conventional gay marriage bans and making sure to exclude transgendered folks, as well.

Awesome! What else? Gold and silver fantasies, state nullification wankery, repealing the 17th Amendment (that again!), and … what's this? Loyalty oaths?


You know, when you look at their logo …

Idaho GOP (KKK?) logo

… it looks a lot like a guy in a white robe, sitting down, wearing a pointy hood, doesn't it? Maybe even leaning against a lynching tree.


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