Friday, July 02, 2010

Oh, goody

The NYT Mag is doing a big fawning spread on Lindsey Graham. Coming as it does on the heels of last week's Mike Huckabee slobberfest, we can only conclude, once again, that the Biased Liberal Media hates Real America.


[Added] Jim Newell's reaction to the above has a dead-on summary of Graham, not to mention the reason the NYT drives me so crazy when they write about Republicans:

Graham is considered a "moderate" within his Republican party — the South Carolina Republican party — because he is interested in actually working on legislation sometimes. As a "moderate," his role is to lead the White House on for months at a time as the chief Republican negotiator on energy, immigration, and detainee policy bills, and then, late in the game, find some lame excuse to walk away entirely once he realizes that no one else in the Republican party will join him in supporting a Democratic bill, of any kind. This frequently puffy Times profile tends to paper over the fact that its celebrated "new maverick" subject is not very good at completing any of his maverick-y legislative efforts.

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