Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Welp, this should stop the screaming about the Democrat-Media Complex™

The NYT's Jeremy W. Peters reports that the HuffPo has bought

[An absurdist aside: Googling just for news of this returns only a squib and link to the above. not much better, although at least their post promises "much more to add later."

(This proves that the dinosaur Old Media is dead, as Insta-FootyPajamasMedia have been asserting since George W. Bush's approval ratings were over 50%.)

Where were we? Oh, yes. Predicted wingnut reactions.

No matter what happens and no matter what HuffPo and Pollster eventually have to say about it, and no matter that Pollster does not actually do polling (it does aggregation and analysis only), you can take this to the bank: the wingnuts will now reject out of hand any reference to Pollster, due to its LIEbrul Bias. Rasmussen or GTFO, they will yell.

Second prediction: not 100% certain, but I'll be more surprised than not if I don't start seeing snide references to HuffPo-llster or HuffPollster within days. (Not yet, as of this moment.) [Added: But hey, FRIST!]


As if often the case, pourmecoffee is funnier and more succinct than your host.

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