Friday, March 04, 2011

As much as I hate to applaud something that leans on stereotypes ...

... this is a good rant.

Thanks for the link, Twin. And the reminder.

Reminder? Yes.

Once upon a time, Ed joined Instaputz. And for a while, he was nice enough to ping us Instaputz readers when he had posted something new at Gin and Tacos. Then he stopped doing that, even as he continues contributing to Instaputz, and I for some reason never thought to go over to G&T to see if that blog was still running.

That oversight has since been corrected. G&T has been added to the feed reader and the blogroll. The About page has been revisited. That is a good About page.

I will also commend to your attention something I'd not noticed before:

Statement of political philosophy

This post should be useful when preparing your formal complaints of ideological bias, the argument of last resort in post-Nixon political discourse.

Click that clicky.

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