Friday, March 25, 2011

Why can't we be more like Canada?

From the BBC:

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative government has fallen after a no-confidence vote passed in the country's parliament.

The vote, engineered by the opposition Liberal Party …


Substance McGravitas said...

The conservatives are jerks I hate, but the Liberals are also jerks I hate, led by the hideous Michael Ignatieff. The current minority has been daring the liberals to do this for years, and as the Liberals get weaker now's the propitious time for the Conservatives to try for a majority. Dumb all around.

Mind you the country is still sane enough that there are construction projects all over the place trumpeting that they're using federal money.

bjkeefe said...

Sorry to hear that, and sorry I didn't know enough to judge based on anything more than the party names.