Sunday, March 20, 2011

This week's On The Media ...

... is especially good. Not for the first time do I wish that everyone with whom I interact online was as big a fan.

Anyway, even if you don't want to discuss it, this week's show is, as usual, highly recommended listening. Topics covered include the difficulty of reporting from within Libya, the information dissemination related to the Japanese reactors situation, a follow-up on something begun last week -- an examination of NPR's supposed biases, and an interview of James O'Keefe by co-host Bob Garfield. Note that you can stream or download, and this applies to both the whole show and the individual segments.

The bias part features, among other guests, a thoughtful guy who is described as libertarian and an evangelical Christian, and also a regular NPR listener.

The JO'K segment is augmented by OTM's making available the audio of the full interview. See the show page down near the bottom, or do the right-click, save as thing on this MP3 link. It's about 45 minutes long. (I'm just starting to listen to it now.)


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