Monday, March 21, 2011

Did your comment go missing?

Last August, Blogger added a spam filter to the commenting system on all Blogspot blogs. Recently, it seems to be producing an increased number of false detections, on this blog, at least.

Unfortunately, there is no way for me to turn it off, nor is there any sort of whitelist functionality. So, if you click Publish and then wonder why you're not seeing your comment appear, it's likely that your comment got incorrectly marked as spam.

Be advised that I do get an email notification every time a comment is posted, whether Blogger thinks it's spam or not, so I will mark your comment as not-spam and cause it to be published as soon as I next check my mail. And please feel free to send me an email and ask, if it seems as though enough time has gone by that I should have noticed.

Sorry for this occasional irritation.


Ocean said...

No wonder there's so few of my comments showing here. I've been writing about 17.5 comments a day. Where are they? ;)

bjkeefe said...

I wonder why no one has left any comments under this post …

Ocean said...


It's happening again!

bjkeefe said...