Sunday, March 20, 2011

Well, what about "Chicken Fingers?"

The NYT stuck one of their Recommended For You headlines in the sidebar of some other article I was reading, and so I clicked to discover a brief item noting:

The University of Colorado Student Government’s diversity director resigned over blog items he posted, including one that said “women are not as smart as men.”


I looked around and came across a much more detailed report on the CU Independent.

I wondered for a moment about the … scrupulousness of this bit of transcription:

CUSG’s Director of Public Relations Kristy Gustavson said she could not comment on the situation.

“Any issue related towards [sic] an individuals [sic] paid position is a personnel issue and it is not our place to comment further on any reasons one might have for resigning,” Gustavson said.

Sadly, the reporter's name is Sarah Simmons. Which put the kibosh on my plan to title this post Ham-Handed Subtlety.

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