Wednesday, March 23, 2011

When life gives you lemons, make sour grapes

Important conservative pundit Andrew Breitbart has echoed a new line of patter first put forth by ex-important conservative pundit Ann Coulter several months ago: concerning He®self's aspirations for having her tweets geotagged 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, the preznincy is "beneath her." Coulter had said it would be "a step down for her."

This is not an Onion link.

(h/t: RM/FB)


bjkeefe said...

In fairness, this could be seen as Breitbart trying to come up with a kind way to say what every other self-imagined playa in the GOP has been saying to He®self: GTFO.

Because I'm sure the thought of saying something insane just to get attention would never cross his mind.

Uncle Ebeneezer said...

By the logic of Breitbart/Coulter et al, wouldn't that make Justin Beiber a virtual dictator?

bjkeefe said...

What do you mean virtual? Bieber ALREADY rules our world.

Uncle Ebeneezer said...

In all fairness to the Beibster, America hangs much closer to seat's edge for the latest Cherlie Sheen tweet.

bjkeefe said...

That won't last. Bieber will DESTROY him.