Monday, March 28, 2011

Foster Kamer accomplishes the impossible

Hard to believe, but it's true: he's managed to come up with a compelling reason to keep MoDo on at the NY Times.


Ocean said...

Please, please, please, not Megan! I can't believe people find anything she says of value.

bjkeefe said...

Yes, I quite agree. Even with the excuse that he was doing one of those stupid double-reverse backflip contrarian listicles, Foster really blundered. There are some things it's best not even to joke about, lest some Pointy-Haired Boss take it seriously.

It's not just that McMegan has no value. She has negative value -- day in and day out, she injects truly idiotic ideas that non-trivially poison the discourse. It's appalling that she has that plum gig at The Atlantic, but at least let's stop the damage there.