Monday, March 14, 2011

The Sad State of our Union

Ken Layne:

It’s a muddled up, mixed up, shook up world when your Wonkette quotes Andrew Sullivan and Glenn Greenwald quoting Matt Yglesias and David Frum, all in the same post and not for the intrinsic humor value in quoting such people.

I'll stop well short of echoing his position that we should let the Republicans take the White House back in 2012, but the rest of his criticism is righteous.

The bottom line for me is that no matter what one thinks of the actions for which Bradley Manning has been detained, he is being punished, right now, without having been convicted of anything.

Hope fades eternal.




Don McArthur said...

You're talking about a country that has degenerated to the authorized and 'legalized' use of torture. Why be surprised at anything that follows?

bjkeefe said...

I had hopes (which have been fading for quite some time now) that we were going to recover from that, what with this new preznit and all. I guess this whole Manning saga is just the last straw, especially in light of Obama's explicit defense of the treatment.