Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Top conservatives against Palin?

Sarah Palin poutingOne of the anti-Palin Alaska blogs, The Immoral Minority, has a dishy/it-would-be-irresponsible-NOT-to-speculate piece about about some rumblings of late among the movers and shakers on the right.

His (I'm guessing at the blogger's gender) starting point is Palin's apparent no-show on the launch of the new Lou Dobbs show. (Yeah, I missed the big news of that launch, too.) He then mentions, among other bits of gossip, NY Mag's report that Roger Ailes was/is mad about Palin's refusal to follow his advice to keep quiet after the Tucson shootings, a leak by someone that said Palin was added to McCain's VP short list only because she was a woman, and a prediction on Morning Joe by Mika Brzezinski that Ailes is going to dump Palin. He's got several links to support these.

Looking around elsewhere, I came across a longish piece, dated 14 March 2011, on the GOP's press release reposting service headlined:

'She's becoming Al Sharpton, Alaska edition'

This line was attributed to Matt Labash of the biased liberal Weekly Standard. George Will, Heather MacDonald, and Peter Wehner, "a top strategist in George W. Bush’s White House," also go on record with disparaging remarks. Also name-checked for recent comments made elsewhere are Barbara Bush and Charles Krauthammer. Basically, they don't like her non-stop playing of "the victim card" and her "culture of aggrievement."

Oh, go on and click those links. You know you want to. Everyone needs a silliness break when the real news is so bad.

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[Added] I see Blue Texan was ahead of me on noticing this collective top-down finger-wagging. (No surprise there, as Instaputz readers will recall -- he's been tracking this for a while now.) He also adds something I didn't notice: Judd Gregg's diss. Yes, Gregg is so 2009, but remember that he's from New Hampshire, and probably still has some back-room clout there.


Substance McGravitas said...


Ms. Palin is not yet running for President...

bjkeefe said...

And the bosses of the right seem to be trying their best to keep it that way, don't they?

Between Palin and the teabaggers, it's a never-ending source of amusement to watch them try to get the toothpaste back in the tube.