Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh, snap!

(Considering the source, I mean.)

Daniels poked both Palin and Mike Huckabee with a single punch, raising the former Arkansas governor’s gaffe in which he claimed inaccurately more than once that the president grew up in Kenya.

“Sarah Palin pounces and says, ‘Wrong, Mike — he’s never been to Europe,” said Daniels, according to a guest on hand for the event, which was off the record to the White House pool.

Came across this after link-hopping from post to post, following some starting links offered by Ed at Instaputz, on three (=trend!) recent examples of the Indiana governor and potential GOP candidate for president dissing major elements of the Republican Party (union haters, birthers, forced pregnancy obsessives, Palinistas, and teabaggers).

Who knows. Maybe he's dipping his toe in the water to see how it feels to play a moderate on teevee. Relative to the rest of the pack, of course.

I'll believe him when he says he likes having sex with his Muslim boyfriend from Mexico. Who believes in global warming.


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