Sunday, March 27, 2011

Accusations hurled

Megan McArdle and Peter Suderman, and to a slightly lesser degree, David Weigel, are accused of being water-carriers and worse for the Koch brothers. Ezra Klein gets a few finger wags, too.

Mark Ames's piece in Exiled Online, "The Koch-Whore Archipelago: How The Billionaire Kochs Screwed My Scoop While Screwing America," begins with a claim that an investigative piece done by him and Yasha Levine in 2009, that broke the news that the Kochs were behind the astroturfing of the so-called Tea Party movement, was removed from its site by its original publisher, Playboy, in large part due to a disinformation campaign led by Megan. He says that what he and Levine reported has all since come out and become accepted as the truth.

It's over the top, but worth a look.

(h/t: M. Bouffant, who's got a related video | x-posted)

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