Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Remember when she was just a nice wholesome lingerie model?


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That creature Tyra Banks has her arm around up there apparently now spends a lot of time on the Facebook, where he posts things like this …

I will be in Yorba Linda tonight at the Nixon Library with Hugh Hewitt. I'm still so grateful that Richard Nixon persuaded me to join him in the executive branch more than forty years ago.

… and excitedly links to things like this:

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So he's not just keeping his collection of torture porn to himself anymore. Now he's redistributing it. As long as it's not Americans doing it. Because that would be wrong, amirite?

[Added] Never forget:

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M. Bouffant said...

Great, not any old torture porn, but special from Saddam Hussein.

Now I have to think that Rummy often pulls out the video of Hussein's hanging for a little amusement.

How is it these people just have no idea?

bjkeefe said...

And how is it that I forgot to post the image I just added?

Thanks for the reminder.

Yep, the only difference between those two seems to have been in the strength of their oppositions.