Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Looming Nuclear Worldwide Sharia Apocalypse NY Times Paywall

Pretty soon now ("Beginning March 28"), the NYT will be demanding your money if you want to read more than a few of their articles. But don't worry! They're going after the worst of the worst first:

The 20-article limit begins immediately for readers accessing from Canada …

Ken Layne simply does not care for this new plan, although he does not say how he feels about Canadians.

Ken does do us a solid by pointing to Juli Weiner. She has lots of helpful advice, including a link to a page on the NYT's site that shows you how many articles you have recently stolen …

Above: profile* of a grand larcenist
* Not his actual PROFILE profile

... and she also provides the endings to all those articles that you soon will only be able to read the beginnings of, while you are hunched in a corner of your dark kitchen, eating cold gray spaghetti with a pair of tweezers.* Highly recommended.

* Even if you are not named Oscar Madison.

[Added] Felix Salmon has a thorough post on the matter.


M. Bouffant said...

Hollywood gets it wrong again: Real pros eat over the sink. Less clean-up.

bjkeefe said...

Excellent point.

Except when it's cold, and/or you want to be looking at your computer while tweezing.