Monday, March 14, 2011

From the Annals of "We'd Rather Be Frist Than Correct!"

Way to go, ReadWriteWeb:

We believe that Google will preview a major new social service called Google Circles at South by Southwest Interactive today. Update: Google has now officially denied that Circles will launch here, but not that it exists. See final update below, as of afternoon Texas time Google does now deny that Circles exists.


M. Bouffant said...

Is this a last-ditch attempt to get Google Buzz going under a different name?

And "social service?" If I wanted to be "social" I'd leave the house more than once a wk. to get food.

NB: M. Bouffant's desires may not be quite the same as those of the mass of humanity.

bjkeefe said...

Had not RWW so badly botched the story such that I felt the post should do nothing but reflect that, I might have made a joke about Google Going Around In Circles, yes.