Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sanity breaking out all over the country


Buyer's Remorse: Polls Show 3 New GOP Gov's Losing In Do Overs

Last year's midterms elections swept incumbents from office nationwide, as voters turned to newcomers -- often Republican newcomers -- for change.

But just months after election day, three new Midwestern governors -- Wisconsin's Scott Walker (R), Ohio's John Kasich (R), and Michigan's Rick Snyder (R) -- have seen their approval ratings fall to the point that polls show them losing hypothetical do-over elections with the candidates they beat last year. [...]

Alternet (via RM):

New Poll Shows Buyer's Remorse: GOP House Majority in Jeopardy Already

Buyer's remorse is setting in quickly, according to Democratic pollster Greenberg Quinlan Rosner.

GQR polled 50 House districts currently held by Republicans which are expected to be major Democratic targets in 2012. The results indicate that the Republican House majority is already endangered, less than three months into Speaker John Boehner's regime. [...]

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