Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Honest politicians stay bought

Almost as an aside, buried in a story about the House passing a stop-gap spending measure to keep the government running for another couple of weeks:

Ahead of the final vote, Democrats offered a motion that would have ended subsidies to oil companies. The measure failed on a 176-to-249 vote, with all but 13 Democrats voting in favor and all Republicans voting “no”.

Fiscal responsibility for thee but not for me.


J. A. Baker said...

Democrats with a spine? Quick! Check to see if the rapture index has blown its top!

Brendan said...

Heh. I'm not sure this qualifies as "spine." Maybe I'm too cynical, but my sense is this: they had to know it wasn't going to pass, so it rings a little hollow. Spine is measured when things are within reach, if one stands tough.

They deserve some credit for proposing it and for voting for it, but it's not quite a sign of the End Times just yet, I don't think.


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J. A. Baker said...

True, but this also comes on the heels of your previous post about the Dems requesting an investigation into Chamberleaks, so who knows?

wv="flain" - a mediocre custard dessert

Brendan said...

That's a good point. Who knows? Maybe the ass-kicking they took in Nov 2010, plus recent events in Wisconsin, has caused them to go slightly vertebrate after all. Wouldn't THAT be something!