Tuesday, March 08, 2011

"NH GOP Seeks To Disenfranchise Students"

As in, take away their votes. Because, Republican House Speaker Bill O'Brien says, "the kids [are] coming out of the schools and basically doing what I did when I was a kid, which is [vote liberal]."

As Brian Beutler notes:

The push is a part of a trend in states, particularly where Republicans made major gains in the 2010 election. Many of those states are advancing voter ID laws, nominally meant to crack down on the unsubstantial problem of voter fraud, but which in practice are meant to disenfranchise young and poor liberal voters.

Even Wisconsin, under intense national scrutiny as protesters march to protect collective bargaining rights for public sector workers, the legislature passed a Voter ID bill "requiring certain identification in order to vote at a polling place or obtain an absentee ballot."

Some of these bills as written are of questionable constitutionality. But that's beside the point when the point is to sow confusion and uncertainty on election day.

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