Monday, March 07, 2011

Not that I'm in any hurry, Newt, but ...

... SOME are wondering whether this latest week-long stretch of "I'm going to announce my candidacy for realz any day now" might indicate something else of a more sordid nature. (If being more sordid than running for president as a Republican is possible, I mean.) Certainly the transcript from the latest Hannity Job you received has a bit of a stench to it.

In Comments under the previous Newt item, for example, TC expresses this feeling that you'll never actually declare, and that you'll keep hope (?) alive for as long as possible, all to keep those "donations" rolling in. I find it hard to believe that a skilled grifter such as yourself would go for the quick killing when the money's been rolling in nicely for years. However, TC recommended the following bit from Maddow, which, I have to say, surprised even a cynic like me.

(alt. video link)

Thanks to David Neiwert for the best two of the above words.

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