Tuesday, March 08, 2011

She's got the Governor Rick Scott Blues

We already had one of the nation’s lowest corporate tax rates down here, and Scott is cutting it to zero. Our schools were already bad; they will get worse now. Scott also plans to eliminate environmental protections and growth management offices, so the paving of the Everglades can proceed apace.

We Floridians will be paying for the electoral toddler tantrum that is the tea party for generations to come. If there’s any justice, when some of the “patriots” who made it happen reach their golden years, they’ll find themselves at the mercy of a poorly educated, low-paid senior aide worker who is illiterate enough to mistake BENGAY® for butt ointment.
    -- Betty Cracker


TC said...

I think it was Randi Rhodes who said that he took over a billion dollars out of the budget for the schools, but didn't use the money to pay down the deficit. He used the money to give corporations a big tax break in Florida instead.

Brendan said...

That sounds ballpark correct. I doubt Betty Cracker would have gone off as she did for a trifling amount. She's pretty level-headed.