Saturday, October 25, 2008

Behind The Scenes

Remember the orange picture that I liked so much? Oliver Willis came across some video footage that looks as though it was shot at the same time.

(alt. video link)

I can see disagreeing with the man's policy proposals, perhaps, but I cannot for the life of me understand where the hate comes from.


Anonymous said...

Awesome video.

It must be weird to see people who are so in love with you. And it's fascinating how much he scares a certain kind of conservative. They really do live in terror of him.

Check out this video.

The guy is totally serious. Here's one of his earlier productions.

bjkeefe said...

I'm sure John McCain will be happy to hear he's sewn up the all-important Uneducated Fat Load vote. Who is this, Jonah Goldberg's little brother?

Does this kid not realize what a howler it is for him to be talking about running out of food when we have to watch his three chins move while he says it?

John Evo said...

Brendan said: "I cannot for the life of me understand where the hate comes from."

Kind of like when I say, "I can understand how someone might think there is something 'more' in the universe, but I can't understand not accepting the fact of evolution".

You aren't narrow-minded, B. It makes it hard to understand. Sorry. I don't think I can help answer your question.