Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hey, Where's Flowbee?

Updated below. Two times.

I wanted to see what the Larry Johnson and associated crazies were saying these days, but appears to have vanished. It's not just not responding, I'm getting a error message saying the domain name is unknown.

Should be the first link on this Google search.

A whois lookup indicates that the domain name's registration is good through 2012-11-07, but notes that it was updated 2008-10-24.

Google's latest cache result, as of this posting, shows a post dated "October 25, 2008 at 5:30 AM."

Anyone heard anything?

[Added] Read farther down on the cached page. Looks like a server migration was planned. May it go poorly.

[Added] DNS resolution is established. Site still not up. How will we ever see the "whitey tape?"


Unknown said...

Looks like he's back online...

bjkeefe said...

Yep. Oh, well, it was fun to dream while it lasted.

I wonder if they'll continue to be an all hate-Obama site all the time after the election, or if they'll try to struggle back towards, sanity like Taylor Marsh and TalkLeft, say.

Anonymous said...

You asked a good question the other day on one of your posts below. The disagreement with policy is easy to understand. But why the hate? The intensity of it is so extreme.