Monday, October 20, 2008

Sometimes ...

... the snark almost writes itself, doesn't it?

Judy Miller signs on as Fox News analyst.

Actually, I could take a let's-wait-and-see attitude on this one. Rupert Murdoch, after all, is all about the money, and if sucking up to those in power is what he has to do to keep the dollars flowing, he's shown every willingness to do that. So, who knows? Maybe in anticipation of the Obama Administration, he's looking for ways to keep Fox News from becoming nothing more than the largest turd in the rightwing noise machine cesspool. I have to say that in some clips that I've seen, Chris Wallace seems to be trying to be more than a pool boy for John McCain (e.g., and remember this?).

Miller, of course, has a looooooooong road to travel before she's back to credibility, but she did used to be a respected reporter at one time. And via the HuffPo, we see that she's made at least one good decision lately.

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