Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bundy Gets a Clue

Al, not Ted, I mean:

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Calculate your expected tax savings:

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[Added] I can never be reminded of that old show, "Married With Children," without thinking back to a time I went an AIDS benefit at the Los Angeles Zoo back in the early '90s. It was one of the best "for a good cause" tickets I've ever bought. Getting to roam around the zoo at night absent the usual crowds was a real treat.

The highlight of the evening was a concert, featuring Katey Sagal (Mrs. Bundy) as lead singer. At the time, I'd probably seen the show all of three times, and to the extent that I thought of her at all, I thought of her character from the show -- a useless ditz. But boy, I'll tell you, what a stage presence: smart, funny, and sexy as hell. She did a version of "Chain of Fools" that absolutely burned the place down.

Which makes me think of the time, long ago, when I was watching a basketball game on TV, and Jean Stapleton, better known as Edith Bunker, dropped in to speak with the announcers for a few minutes. Again, the contrast between the character and the real-life person could not have been more stark. As I remember it, she had to be taken away before the announcers passed out from hypoxia from laughing so hard.

What does all this have to do with how much money you're going to save on your taxes?

We leave that as an exercise for the student.

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