Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For Junkies Only

Michael Crowley has a fascinating article up on TNR, titled "Survey Says," that talks about the new landscape in political polling. If guys in thick glasses backbiting about each other's statistical methodology sounds like the kind of soap opera you thought you could only dream about, you'll love it.

On a related note, and even more highly recommended, check out Nate "538" Silver's post on McCain's recent decision to concentrate his resources in Pennsylvania, despite every indication that this state is an ex-battleground state. (Read last phrase in British accent.*) This is inside baseball at its insidiest, to the point where actual inside baseball metaphors are used to dissect what appears to be yet another McCain moment of Hail Mary. (Which, it must be admitted, is an inside football metaphor.)

Okay, I'll stop now. Go read.


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