Saturday, October 25, 2008

Light Bytes

Charles Pierce's Slacker Friday letter to Eric Alterman is teh awesome. I have always liked lima beans. Now I like them even better.

• Oliver Willis has posted Almost Transformers. Silliness! Lags a bit in the middle (of a two-minute video, the ADD-addled blogger complained), but the idea, the costumes, and the ending are great.

Bad News For the Lunatic Fringe, John Cole reports. Big laffs for the rest of us.

James Wolcott encounters Seekrit Agent (shhh!) Jay Nordlinger. (Who, if you don't know, is one of the wingnut welfare recipients installed at America's Shittiest WebsiteTM for the apparent sole purpose of making Jonah Goldberg seem like an intellectual.) Next, he descends even lower (hard to believe, I know, but there it is), and does a quick survey of the watery bowels of some of the far right's truly unhinged. I knew Obama=Hitler for these cretins, but I have come to find out that he's also Stalin, Saddam, and Pol Pot. "[A]fter a petit mal seizure," I hasten to add. Pol Pot, I mean, not Obama. Or so it would appear. And he hasn't even been elected yet!

• From another one of the good and brave souls of the leftosphere who reads The Corner so I don't have to: TBogg collects foam from the mouth of Mark Levin. He also (*shudder*) reads McMegan.

• Via somebody in my RSS feeds whose name I forgot to note, I saw Thandie Newton And Ricky Gervais Reenact Scene From “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?”. I'm not sure how many levels of meta this involves, but it's really funny. The video itself is tame, but the whole page may be mildly NSFW if someone uptight is looking over your shoulder. What, you already clicked? Sorry about that.

• And finally, via Oliver Willis, I came across The Many Superhero Faces of Barack Obama. This is my favorite …

Obama: Matrix -- Not This Time

… probably because it reminded me of this.

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