Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Time to Panic?

New poll from reputable organization shows statistical tie.


John Evo said...

If the Obama doesn't drop at least $2 million into AZ for a last minute ad blitz, then they aren't as good as reputed. First of all, the mere act of challenging McCain in AZ will eat up hours of news cycle discussion. Secondly, McCain would be forced to waste time and money in a place he can ill-afford to. Finally, Obama might actually pull it off and it would have some potentially sweet consequences in other areas as well. Would much of the west follow? Won't know unless they take a shot. They can certainly afford it.

Anonymous said...

$2 million may be way more than they could spend in Arizona if they wanted to. When the story about Sarah Palin's clothing bill broke, it was reported that the $150,000 they spent on Palin's clothes cold have purchase a week's worth of television advertising in Colorado. This is why even Republicans were outraged by the expenditure.

bjkeefe said...

I don't think $2 mill is a problem as an absolute number for Obama, but I think it's easy for him to think it isn't the best allocation of resources. Probably get more bang for the buck by adding it to the Florida or Ohio ad buys, or even better, to the voting day support efforts in those states.

Had this Arizona thing happened a bit earlier, John, I think I'd agree with you more. And another problem right now is that it could be spun as a "disrespectful stunt;" e.g., piling on.

Anonymous said...

Apparently McCain reads John Evo's comments. :-)