Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Massive Popcorn Shortage Looming?

Michele Bachmann and George W. BushJust got an email from John Evo with happy news of the rats continuing to turn on each other: Sam Stein of the HuffPo is reporting the latest fallout from Michele Bachman's MacacaCarthy Moment on last Friday's Hardball:

Two sources aware of ad buys in Minnesota say that the National Republican Congressional Committee is pulling its media purchases from Bachmann's race.

I was a little hesitant to pass this along as is -- rumormonger the GOP? Moi? *ping! halo appears overhead* -- but Reid Wilson of Politico is reporting the same thing, as is Eric Kleefeld of TPM, from their own, presumably different, sources. Kleefeld says:

A Republican source has confirmed to Election Central that the NRCC is indeed pulling all its advertising for Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN). … Several hundred-thousand dollars worth of TV time had previously been reserved on Bachmann's behalf, but now it has all been cancelled.


Bachmann could still potentially win, as this district voted 57%-42% for George W. Bush in 2004. But she's now on her own. It's a rare thing for a national party to totally cut off an incumbent, so this should give you an idea of just how unpopular Bachmann is among Washington Republicans right now.

Meanwhile, it looks like Bachmann Spinner Overdrive is about to smoke its bearings. After first lying outright and saying she hadn't said what she'd said, she changed her story to a claim of being misunderstood. Then she tried the non-apology apology for a while.

Her latest? I know this'll shock you, but the latest, as of this posting, is blaming the LIEbrul media for "laying a trap."

As Ta-Nehisi said a few spin cycles ago, "We saw the tape, lady."

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If you'd like to help with the final push, visit the website of her Democratic opponent, Elwyn Tinklenberg.

If you missed this story, here's my first post on it, and updates are here, here, and here.


P.S. Lest you think I'm going overboard because of this one macaca moment, I'm not. I've been aware of Bachmann for some time now. She's a vile wingnut with strong homophobic, racist, and xenophobic tendencies, a history of advocating teaching creationism in science classes, and she carries James Dobson's seal of approval, among other things. If you want to know more, I came across a site while looking for confirmation of the the story John sent that appears to have been on the case since April 2004: Dump Michele Bachmann.

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