Monday, October 27, 2008

The Greatly Slow Awakening

Shorter Instapundit:

You know, I always thought Dick Cheney was a good guy, but with the prospect of Joe Biden looming on the horizon, I now fret that the Vice President shouldn't have executive power.

[Added] I just realized that the same NYT op-ed page also features Bill Kristol, who today, nine days from the election, comes to with a start and advises John McCain not to do so much negative campaigning. There's an analogy with World War I generals in there, murmuring that Sarah Palin should make herself available to the media, and … trust me, you don't need the link.

Do I insert a mocking comment about the so-called liberal media, or do I give the NYT the benefit of the doubt, and say that they're doing their readers a service by exposing them to what passes for intellect on the Right?

[Added] Via Sully: A more considered version.

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