Friday, October 24, 2008

Why We Call Them Wingnuts

I do not call all conservatives or all Republicans or all religious people wingnuts. Certainly, they don't all deserve to be stigmatized for reasonably disagreeing with the way I see things. And, from a linguistic point of view, it's important that the label be preserved to convey a real meaning.

Case in point: Dan Riehl, of Riehl World View, who today shared his thoughts regarding Barack Obama's trip to visit his sick grandmother. In the original post, he said, among other things, this:

Man. I hope his numbers don't start to drop. He might have to hold a pillow against her face and maybe later break into tears the way Hillary did. Only I suspect hers were genuine.

After the post had been up for a while, he added this to the top of the post:

Update: Well, due to the extreme criticism from the "Laura killed her high school sweetheart, Cheney shot his friend, Bushitler" Left - I felt I should update and bump this post. I'm sorry if my sarcasm regarding the pillow reference came across as too unkind. I am certain Obama is a kind man. Consequently, I don't actually believe he would "smother" his Grandma with a pillow.

I imagine his compassion would compel him to use a plastic bag. But as that is so environmentally unsound, I didn't want to even suggest it in case it might damage his reputation among the faithful, so many of them being Green and all.

Any further comment necessary? I think not.

Here's a link to the post, if you insist: wingnut.

(h/t: Andrew Sullivan)

[Added] Riehl has a great face for radio, don't you think?

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