Friday, October 24, 2008

Will She Ever Stop Digging?

Michele Bachman's never-ending attempts to deny what she said last Friday on Hardball continue. You'll recall from yesterday that I observed:

After first lying outright and saying she hadn't said what she'd said, she changed her story to a claim of being misunderstood. Then she tried the non-apology apology for a while.

Her latest? I know this'll shock you, but the latest, as of this posting, is blaming the LIEbrul media for "laying a trap."

The latest latest is her claim that she had never before heard of the show Hardball, which for a politician on the national stage to say is roughly equivalent to an Eskimo protesting, "What's this snow stuff?"

At this point, I'd be willing to bet that she's been on Hardball before, and when someone digs up the old footage, she'll deny that, too.

Here's Josh Marshall's video report on this and other Bachmann lies:

(alt. video link)

You'll note that he put this together before the latest polling data from Minnesota came out. If you missed this story from the beginning, here's my first post on it, and earlier updates are here, and here, here.

Go Tinklenberg!


John Evo said...

The "trap" that Chris Matthews laid was devious and brilliant. Get a half-wit ultra-conservative Congresswoman on the air, ask her questions, and let her go! Don't follow up hard, don't express outrage or surprise, just let her talk. The perfect trap!

bjkeefe said...

Handing out rope is the new trap.