Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dress Reversal

So far, no one has complained about McCain's makeup bills (cf.), but the Palin wardrobe story is causing the rats to turn on each other.

(h/t: John Cole)

[Added] More Republican spinning and squabbling.

[Added] By contrast:

[Added] Shameless piling on! See hilzoy, Wonkette, Orr/TNR, watertiger/FDL, Taylor Marsh, Pam Spaulding, and last but certainly not least, TBogg (x2).


John Evo said...

It's funny the stories that end up having "legs", isn't it? For instance, why is this one catching fire, while Cindy McCain's $300,000 dress at the convention didn't draw much attention from either side. It got its little mention and was chatted about for a half a news cycle, but that was it.

Then there was the 8 days of news cycles on "Reverend Wright damns America" but Todd Palin (and even Sarah herself) in the Alaska Independence Party has never caught on with people. This is one I really don't understand. Maybe us "libs" really don't know a good story when we see one. The campaign (and it's friends) should have been milking this for all its worth. Maybe they did, but the Corporate Media just hasn't bit.

Anyway, my point is more about the oddity of HOW a particular scandal takes wings, while another perfectly fair-game one gets by-passed.

bjkeefe said...

Completely agreed, John. Remember how wrong I was about the Colin Powell endorsement story, for example?

I wondered why Cindy's $300,000 outfit for the convention didn't make news, too, but in retrospect, I can think of three reasons: McCain's stunt visit to the storm center, that it was her own money (and everyone already knew she's a multimillionaire), and of course, the fresh obsession with the new VP pick.