Friday, February 20, 2009

Bonehead Idea of the Day Month

(Updated below)

I'm with Atrios on this one: the idea of a mileage tax for vehicles, calculated by a government-readable tracking chip implanted in everyone's car, is ridiculous. It sounds like something you'd make up if you were a Republican trying to parody the Democratic Party.

The only plausible argument I can make on behalf of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is that this is a fake trial balloon, launched solely to gain a little bit of an edge for a proposal to raise taxes on gasoline. (Which I'd support.) Anything other than that, someone needs a dope slap.

Including you, Ezra. This is not how your mama wants you to wonk me out.

[Update] Looks like I'm an hour behind the news cycle. MSNBC says: "LaHood's talk of mileage tax nixed."

Oops. Shoulda Googled first. Or maybe … my bloggy powers are not even limited by the arrow of time!

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