Friday, February 27, 2009

Doubling Down

Zachary Roth of TPM reports that in his next column, George Will will defend the global warming denialism he set forth in a column that ran two weeks ago.

Roth also reports WaPo editor Fred Hiatt is standing by his refusal to run any corrections to Will's first column, which has been thoroughly torn to shreds. (Links that I've gathered up on that here.)

[Added] More on Hiatt here and here. Short version: he's trying to spin this as a "debate." Shall we expect pro-Creationist columns coming soon to a WaPo page near you, Fred? Teach us the controversy, please do!

(h/t: County Fair)

[UPDATE] Don't miss Dan winning the Internet in the Comments.


Unknown said...

Denialism? Isn't it spelled "denihilism"?

bjkeefe said...

Ooooh. Nice. Wish I'd thought of that.