Friday, February 13, 2009


In about 11 hours from the time of this posting, Unix time will be:


And on Friday the 13th, no less!

That's the number of seconds since the epoch.

Watch the countdownup in real time! Fun!

And then we can start dreading the apocalypse coming 19 January 2038.

First commenter to sputter, "Well, at 1234567890 seconds since the epoch, it won't any longer be Friday the 13th where I live!" gets a wedgie.

First one to quibble about leap seconds gets an atomic wedgie. And not just a fake one, neither.


Rick said...

To avoid the wedgie (according to the terms laid out): Friday the 13th is almost over here...
Wait... what's that? What...? Oh, nothing...

bjkeefe said...

You were one of two foremost in my mind, the other being a few miles south of you.

I see you're posting comments under your new fake real name! Thank the FSM for avatars!