Friday, February 13, 2009

To: The Superior Nation To The North Of Me

Now that I've acknowledged your greatness, may I ask a favor?

There's a known criminal planning to be within your borders next month. How's about you pick him up and drop him off in The Hague?



ArtSparker said...

I see the speech is not public - I wonder if he will ever do a speech before a non-vetted audience.

Beth said...

I'll do my best.
I'm hoping no one shows up to listen to him speak.
Or maybe people are being paid to attend?

bjkeefe said...

AS: I expect your wondering is the equivalent of a rhetorical question. The closest we can come to a sure thing is the prediction that Bush will never expose himself to a dissenting viewpoint for the rest of his sorry-ass life.

Beth: Sadly, there will always be people who will be interested in what Bush has to say, and with money to pay to hear their wrongheaded beliefs (We won in Iraq! Imposing Christianity at the point of a bayonet is a good thing! Tax cuts solve all of mankind's woes!) reinforced.