Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Was All Set ...

... to do a "Lying or Stupid?" post about an editorial in the lying, stupid opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal that falsely? inaccurately? claimed that George W. Bush never called on a prearranged list of reporters at press conferences, which anybody who's been paying attention at all for the past eight years knows is a hilarious blunder? lie? since I even remember Bush flat-out admitting it in real time on the teevee during one of those press conferences, but when I went to the Google to get a little documentation for what was going to be my awesome GOTCHA! post, I found out Media Matters had already been there, done that, so you can either take my word for it or go read County Fair or both.

[Added] Glenzilla (via John Cole) has more, including a reference to that teevee moment I mentioned.

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Unknown said...

Or here's an idea:

Shut down Presidential press conferences entirely. No Air Force One ride-alongs. No cozy access to "insider sources".

How would we ever learn what is going on? How about, oh just for a change, aggressive investigative journalism, using independent sources, fresh analysis of actual money outlays, an international and multifaceted view of what is done rather than what is said.

What if the NYT for once took a yellow cake story and said, "Sorry, Dick. We looked into it ourselves and are now writing an expose on outing CIA officials. Care to comment?"

The White House Press Pool is a bunch of farstuckers whose main goal, after being praised by Obama for their particularly insightful question on his wife's wardrobe, is to maneuver to sit between Mara Liasson and Helen Thomas, in hopes of landing an audition for Alan Sorkin's next blockbuster.

If Dubya had spent less time taking and more time listening, he might have better mastered the high-form low-content dialect of Beltway-ese. Now that the foot is in the other shoe, Obama has the morning gaggle running around trying to find out what erudite means.

It's time for the Press Corps to stop imitating movies imitating them. They've become a self-parody, and our country couldn't survive another Bush and be stuck with the same old docile propaganda repeaters.