Monday, February 16, 2009

Lying or Stupid? (Bowtied Twerp Edition)

George Effing Will, as one sage like to call him, denies global warming.

And yeah, cross-file this under WaPo Descent Watch, too.

The lede from Zachary Roth at TPM (via Sully):

Looks like Fred Barnes isn't the only high-profile conservative columnist still arguing that climate change doesn't really exist.

Over the weekend, the Washington Post's George Will, got in on the act. And it took us about ten minutes -- longer, it appears, than the Post's editors spent -- to figure out that Will, like Barnes, was essentially making stuff up.

Ezra Klein focuses on another glaring error in the same column. His lede:

There needs to be some sort of Godwin's Law variant for conservatives who try to argue against global warming because they remember that Newsweek dipped into pop-science in the mid-70s and touted "global cooling." Call it Will's Law, after George Will, the supposedly cerebral conservative who brings this up every time he doesn't have a better column idea.


ColinLaney said...

George Will is notorious for conflicts of interest. He took $200K from Conrad Black while defending Black against criminal charges, and he gets fat speaker's fees for lecturing industry groups from those industries whose interests he promotes in his columns.

The Washington Post ombudsman needs to investigate whether Will has conflicts of interests with the energy industry. Contact .

Be polite.

(Yes, I'm posting this on other blogs. But I'm a guy at a keyboard, not a spam machine.)

bjkeefe said...

Thanks for acknowledging your pamphleteering, Colin. Seems a worthy thing to push. I'm happy to have a copy posted here.